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“Creating a highly successful clinic which is growing and running like clockwork is not something that happens overnight. It is a process, a learning curve and a building of team confidence, and organisational culture that will eventually bring the outcomes for which we are aiming. My relationship with a clinic is a commitment that I make as if it were my very own business.”

Eniko Simon

About Eniko Simon

Eniko Simon

Eniko has over 10 years experience in healthcare management and is committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare.

Eniko completed a business management diploma in the UK and completed Patient Experience Leadership Programme at the world-renowned Beryl Institute in the US. This allowed her to gain specific skills and understanding to be able to educate healthcare leaders and support team. Developed and delivered training programmes over 100 professionals covering patient centred communication for clinicians and patient care training for support staff to enhance patient experience

Thanks to her consultancy and training programmes, Eniko is getting closer and closer to her vision of transforming healthcare for the better by elevating the patient experience.

“The systems in which management utilise must allow for a positive patient journey because if they fail then they are not the right systems to be using. I believe in the strong connection between high patient satisfaction and business success.”

Eniko Simon

Management Consultant

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula for enhancing a dental practice and creating growth. Each clinic offers patients a different approach and in this busy marketplace we need to embrace this distinctiveness.”

Eniko Simon

Eniko as business manager consultant
Eniko Simon as a Trainer

for the whole team

A successful clinic will need an outstanding team with each member catering to the positive journey each patient will make every time he/she visits. It is vitally important that the team is working together with the same goals and matching understanding of how to fulfill the patient’s experience. To have this exceptional team working aptitude, it takes an effective management systems and valuable training.

“From the receptionist to the clinicians, the journey a patient will go through requires that each member of the team has a clear understanding of the role he or she plays in providing a top clinic experience for the patient.”

Eniko Simon


Recent lectures include: AEEDC, Sharjah Dental University and The Dental Business Management Conference, Dubai.

Eniko’s devotion to educating clinic members with the importance of communication and exceptional management practices, has led her to a number of public speaking opportunities. She provides lectures on a wide range of clinic management and patient communication topics which contribute to building awareness of the factors that are fundamental to the success of a healthcare business.

Eniko Simon as a Public Speaker

“For me the importance of communication is key to any good dental business. We need to hone such skills in order to be not only successful at business, but thriving as creating outstanding patient experience.”

Eniko Simon

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