As healthcare is becoming a more consumer-based business, it is inevitable we need to focus on service excellence. What is Service Excellence?

Our consumers receive exceptional service at every touch point of their journey within the healthcare organization through their continuum of care. So that means it is everybody’s responsibility. Everybody is part of it and all play an important role – no exceptions!

There are some strategies we can implement to provide exceptional experience to our patients. I shall be highlighting 5 of the most important ones:

Strategy #1
Personalized Care:

Treat every patient with importance and aim to design individual care programs for your patients. Create opportunities to listen to your patient’s stories and connect with them and their family members to get to know them. By understanding our patients and their background, we create better personalized care and achieve more successful clinical outcomes.

Strategy #2
Patient Centered Communication:

Always explain to your patients what you are doing and why are you doing it. Do not feel you are wasting the time you spend with your patients to explain and connect. Make your patients feel that they are in charge of their health and are fully involved in their treatment planning process. Make them feel that it is ok to ask questions and tell their stories.

Welcome Feedback

Always encourage feedback from your patients. Ultimately our goal is to exceed expectations, however we can not get it always right. Make sure you have systems in place that encourages feedback from your patients. Look at negative feedback as constructive and an opportunity to improve. Negative feedback should be welcomed, however, you need to have strong service recovery systems in place to deal with it in the appropriate way.

Strategy #4
Invest in your employees

Your staff is the most important assets in your business; they are making up your culture. If you have happy, motivated employees they will make your patients happy. When your patients receive exceptional care, it is down to your employees believing that they need to provide that level of care. Care for your employees and they will care for your patients.

Strategy #5
Celebrate success

Celebrate clinical and service excellence achievements. Show appreciation to the team for achieving those milestones. Just stop for a moment and enjoy the success when expectations are exceeded and goals achieved. You and your team deserve it.